Optimized & Intelligent

Non-Ablative Fractional
1927 nm Thalium Laser

All Year Round
Immediate Results
Virtually No -Downtime

Lutronic LaseMD Ultra applications:
Wrinkles & Aging   |   Dull Complexion
Melasma   |   Pigmentation
Skin Laxity   |   Hair Loss   |   Scaring
Age Spots   |   Sun Spots
Freckles   |    Actinic Keratoses

Watch how it work!

Dramatically different from traditional resurfacing lasers, Lutronic ULTRA™ rebuilds glowing, healthy skin through gentle, non-ablative fractionated treatments. Tunable from mild to aggressive and extremely cost-effective, Lutronic ULTRA offers customized outcomes with virtually no downtime for all patients, all year round. ALL—NEW Lutronic ULTRA can deliver 20 Watts of power for the fastest, most consistent treatments possible.

How Lutronic LaseMD ULTRA works

The Lutronic LaseMD skin rejuvenation system is a truly revolutionary fractional laser device. The creator of LaseMD, Lutronic Aesthetic, is a leading innovator in the medical and aesthetic laser technology industry and designed the LaseMD ULTRA to provide gentle resurfacing with minimal downtime and fast, consistent results. Using non-ablative fractional laser energy from the most powerful thulium laser on the market, LaseMD ULTRA helps patients improve the appearance of their skin by resurfacing the skin and increasing its permeability to absorb nourishing treatments and anti-aging serums without harming the integrity of your skin’s structure.

Benefits of Lutronic LaseMD ULTRA treatment

Lutronic LaseMD ULTRA is a highly versatile and customizable treatment that can be used on all types of skin and in multiple treatment areas. Better yet, it is a gentle treatment that does not require anesthesia, and the treatment itself is extremely fast – treating the face typically takes less than 10 minutes, and the entire face, neck, and chest can usually be treated in about 20 minutes. It can also be used year-round, so you are not limited in when you can achieve its beautiful results.

After just one treatment, patients can start to see an improvement in a variety of skin issues, including:

  • Freckles
  • Sunspots
  • Benign pigmented lesions
  • Actinic keratosis
  • Lentigos

In addition, LaseMD ULTRA helps provide an overall anti-aging, glowing complexion with a brighter skin tone and a healthy, smooth texture.

What to expect

 Patients typically find Lutronic LaseMD ULTRA comfortable with no anesthesia necessary, which helps make the treatment quick so you can receive your treatment on your lunch break or after work without it dramatically impacting your daily schedule.  After your treatment, you will experience some redness, but it typically dissipates by the next day. You can begin to apply makeup starting the day after your treatment, and you should start seeing your terrific results within just a few days. Patients who receive deeper treatment may have a longer healing time. Our practitioner at Avissa Skin will provide you with ample information about what to expect and how to take care of your skin post-treatment based on your customized treatment plan and help you determine the right number of Lutronic LaseMD ULTRA treatments for your specific needs and desired results.

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