Avissa Skin offers threading hair removal for both Women and Men in Ann Arbor, MI

In threading, a thin cotton thread is doubled and then twisted. It is rolled over areas of the unwanted hair which pluck out the hair at the root level.

What makes threading so unique is that it restrains hair from growing back fast. It also reduces hair thickness and density so that it grows back fine and light. No other hair removal treatment can achieve this. Threading does not pull the skin, preventing it from looking saggy and therefore keeping wrinkles at bay.

Benefits of Threading:
Quick and Simple
Kinder to Skin
The hair is removed with great precision
Defines the Eyebrows
Beautiful Results with a Smooth Finish
It’s extremely sanitary
No chemicals are applied on the skin
Less pain, swelling, and redness than with waxing
Endorsed by Celebrities around the World


Looking for the best way to shape your eyebrows and remove excess facial hair?  Book your threading appointment at Avissa Skin in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Using this ancient hair-removal technique, our skilled esthetician can shape or remove your facial hair for that polished look you desire. Threading can remove your hair without the use of chemicals, heat, or blades, making it a great option for those with sensitive skin. With the help of a threading specialist at Avissa Skin, you can get the smooth and shaped look of your favorite models.

Threading is most appropriate for hair removal on smaller areas, such as the eyebrows, upper lip, chin, sideburns, and other areas of the face. The method is not suitable for large areas of thick body hair, such as the back or legs, but it can remove hair from smaller areas such as the toes. For other areas, such as ear hair and nose hair, ask your esthetician if threading is the best hair removal method.

Visit the skilled threading specialists at Avissa Skin for your threading hair removal needs.


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