spa services for guys in ann arbor michigan

Today’s modern man has nothing to fear and everything to gain from a spa visit. Avissa Skin+Body offers the following services for Men in the Ann Arbor and surrounding areas that want to enhance the youthful vigour that they’re still naturally full of.




Manzilian          $ 65

Includes: Intergluteal, Scrotum, Penis & Shaped Pubic Area

Men’s Hollywood Wax          $ 85

Includes: Intergluteal, Scrotum, Penis & Entire Pubic Area

Mankini          $ 55
Men’s Intergluteal Wax          $ 35
Men’s Buttocks Wax          $ 50
Men’s Chest Wax          $ 55
Men’s Nose Wax          $ 14
Men’s Neck Wax          $ 20
Men’s Eyebrow Wax          $ 16
Men’s Abs Wax          $ 30



10% OFF

For Waxing Services Only In One Session.
Not Valid With Any Other Offers



10% OFF

Not Valid With Any Other Offers



20% OFF

Not Valid With Any Other Offers



For years, men have been removing body hair for a number of reasons such as athletics, a desire to feel sexier, etc. In fact, male waxing has become hugely popular in many salons and spas. Less irritating than shaving and more attractive than buzzing down, waxing also lasts a heck of a lot longer, cutting down on your daily hair removal regimen.

I’ve tried waxing my back and chest but those areas always break out with little red and white angry spots. What can I do to prevent this from happening?
Unfortunately this is quite common, especially on men with sensitive skin or coarse hair and deep roots. Many men only break out the first couple of times they wax. Once a person’s skin gets used to regular exfoliation and hair removal, breakouts often stop. We also take many precautions to prevent breakouts: After a wax, we treat the skin with antiseptic and antibacterial products. After this, we apply an additional solution to soothe irritation. We can also recommend take home products to further prevent these little breakouts from occurring.

I’m really paranoid about getting a…um…you know…stiffy during my wax. What happens if I do?
We’re all grown ups and professionals at Avissa Skin+Body (and we expect our clients to act like adults as well). We know erections can happen due to nerves. Don’t sweat it! Truthfully, we’re not going to acknowledge it anyway.

What’s up with male bikini waxing? I manscape my nether regions, but I’m wondering what’s involved in the Brozilian or Manzilian.
There are many reasons men, both straight and gay, choose to wax their bits. Some men have partners who prefer it, others like to feel clean, and many men who are athletic need those areas cleaned up for hygiene and safety reasons. We look at male bikini waxing the same way we view female bikini waxing: that it’s a perfectly acceptable form of grooming. Yes, there might be some discomfort associated with it. See How to Prepare (below) and follow our instructions for minimizing pain. If you’re nervous, ease yourself into men’s bikini waxing slowly by starting with a men’s buttocks waxing or men’s intergluteal waxing. It’s your body, you’re the customer, and we will do everything we can to make it a good experience.

I want to wax my shoulders, perhaps even my bikini line, but I’m worried it will look weird. What do you do to make a wax look natural?
It’s all about blending and having an artistic eye. We won’t make the hair come to a blunt end or give you some crazy geometric shape you don’t want. A lot of men like the random patches of hair removed from the fronts, sides and backs of their shoulders. You’ll be given plenty of opportunity to tell us what you want, and don’t worry; we’re trained to know our stuff!

I’ve got lots of small patches of hair on my body that bother me. Can I book an appointment just for those?
Once you’re in the room with your esthetician, you may add some of the smaller services to your ticket as time permits.




Do not apply moisturizer before coming in.

If you are prone to acne, you are prone to ingrown hairs!

You can take aspirin a few hours before waxing if you are sensitive

You can also buy and apply over the counter numbing cream one hour before.

Please don’t shave for at least 10-14 days before you come in.

Let the technician know if you have never been waxed before, be aware and ask questions.

Do not sit in the sun or use tanning beds; you could get ingrown hairs later.

Do not use any abrasive body or facial scrubs.

If you have had a bad experience before, tell us about it so it isn’t repeated.

Do not wax if you just gotten over a cold (facial waxing).

Don’t wax if you are using any acne medication, Retin-A, glycolic or hydroxy acids.

Don’t wax the day you get married or a special occasion. It is not the time to experiment.


Don’t touch the waxed area with dirty hands.

If prone to ingrown hair, ask your esthetician to recommend a take home product.

Don’t go home and take a hot shower.

You can go home and take a semi warm bath.

Don’t work out after a wax. Your sweat can cause irritation.

Don’t get burned by the sun.

Use a sun block if going outside.

No tanning booths.

If you breakout, don’t panic, just came back in and let us take care of it for you.

No rough sex afterwards if you are waxing for the first time. You could become irritated.

Sometimes a light layer of skin can come off when waxing, don’t worry; it will be fine in a couple of days. It feels like light sunburn.

Sometimes a light layer of skin can come off when waxing, don’t worry; it will be fine in a couple of days. It feels like light sunburn.

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