At Avissa Skin,  we are confident that our experience, equipment and years of results, will mean a positive outcome for our clients. So confident in fact that we offer you a Laser Hair Removal Unlimited Treatments Guarantee. 

We can offer this guarantee to all clients that have purchased 8 Sessions of laser Hair Removal, and have completed them in the time frames necessary for effective outcomes.

Three Things you should know:

1 )   Pay for no more than 8 sessions

Our experience has shown that the vast majority of clients achieve satisfactory results in 6-8 sessions. We stand by these results, and offer unlimited additional sessions after the purchase of 8 sessions of laser hair removal.

Additional sessions will be performed every 6 weeks until satisfactory results are achieved.

All you need to do is to complete your 8 sessions with us, at which point we will give you a written guarantee. 

2 )   What are satisfactory results?

A Happy Client is our aim! This means that after having 8 sessions of hair removal on a specific area, you no longer feel the need to shave or wax that area again within the next 12 months from the final session. 

It’s normal to need a touch up session once every year or two, because the body changes and new hair growth is stimulated by fluctuating hormones.

But if you still have to remove the hair on the treated areas, and come back to us within the 12 month cutoff period, we will resume treatments every 6 weeks until everyone is satisfied with the results.

3 )   Exclusions

There are only two conditions under which we cannot offer the guarantee and we will inform you of this upfront: 

1. Red, Grey, White or very Blonde hairs. Current Laser technology is not very effective against these hair colors as the treatments work by targeting the dark pigment in the hair itself. 

2. Sufferers of PCOS or other hormone based conditions. While we definitely can make a huge difference in reduction of hair for sufferers of hormonal conditions, they will typically need many more sessions than a typical client.

Terms & Conditions of The Guarantee

To be eligible for the guarantee, you just need to abide by the standard treatment protocol, and fulfill the basic requirements for laser hair removal. specifically:

  • You need to be of a treatable combination of hair and skin types, so we can’t offer a guarantee to anyone with:
    • White/grey, red or very blonde hair.
    • Nor can we offer it to sufferers of PCOS or other hormonal conditions that can cause hirsutism.
  • You need to stay within the protocol for successful laser hair removal. that means treatments must fall within a window of 4-8 weeks apart. If you take a break of more than 2months in between treatments, it will negatively affect the outcome.
  • You need to have successfully paid for, and completed a minimum of 8 sessions per area. (this means, if you treated two areas, but one of them only  4 times, we can only guarantee the area that was treated 8 times.
  • You must come back to us before 12 months have elapsed from your last treatment session. After that, it is given that you are happy with the outcome and may only need to come for touch-up sessions, once every year or two.
  • Once you request to avail the Guarantee, we will resume treatments free of charge every 6 weeks until you are happy with the results.
  • There is no cutoff for the amount of treatments you can receive when in the guarantee period – we will go above and beyond for a happy and satisfied client.
  • If we don’t hear from you for more than 8 weeks during the Guarantee period, then it is given that you are happy with the results and the case will be marked as a success and the guarantee period closed.




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