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Chin enhancement with dermal filler is one of the MOST underrated treatments in aesthetics.

Chin augmentation with dermal filler is an excellent alternative to invasive, expensive chin surgery.

Chin Projection
Those with a weak retracted chin can project their perfect side profile with expertly placed dermal filler.

Chin Shape
Create a pointier, more feminine V-shape to the lower face, or alternatively round an excessively pointy chin. Whatever shape you desire our expert injectors at Avissa Skin can help you achieve.

Length & Symmetry of The Chin
Dermal filler injection can easily lengthen a shorter chin and chin symmetry is quick easy fix by our expert injectors.

Rewind Chin Aging
Aging results in a loss of facial bone structure, and underlying supporting tissue. Replacing lost support with dermal filler rewinds the aging of lower face.

Masculine Chin Shape
Square off an overly pointy feminine chin to make the lower face more masculine.

Smooth A cleft Chin
Dermal filler can easily smooth a cleft in the chin.

At Avissa Skin we use only the highest quality FDA approved products.

Defined, Custom Contour With No Surgery. Chin enhancement with filler is an easy way to improve your profile and love your lower face!

Much of what we do in both surgical and non-surgical aesthetics is attempt to correct areas that are not in proportion to the areas around them. One of the proportions that makes a face more beautiful is the ratio between your nose and your chin in your profile. When you turn to the side, is the bridge of your nose and your chin in the same line? Your chin should not generally extend out as far as the tip of your nose but there should be a nice proportion between the two.

If your chin is recedes too sharply, your face may not appear as beautiful and harmonious as it can. Surgically, you can do this with a chin implant, but for a more mild or gentle improvement without downtime, you can inject filler in to the chin to add some volume and improve facial proportions.

Do you want to find out if chin augmentation is the right aesthetic treatment for you? Contact Avissa Skin clinic today for more information on the best Chin Augmentation Treatment in Ann Arbor Michigan, for information on other cosmetic procedures, or to schedule a consultation. We look forward to hearing from you!